Why Switch to a New CRM System?

Why Switch to a New CRMToday’s business environment is more of a moving target than ever.  Employees are demanding increasingly more from the business productivity tools that they use in order to be more efficient, to keep up sales levels in a competitive environment and to do a better job of retaining existing customers.  As such, many business managers are asking themselves –- should we switch from our old contact manager (or CRM system) to a new CRM application?

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CRM Data Migration Strategies

Strategy Data Migration CRM

Congratulations, your company has decided to make the switch to a new CRM application.  Now comes the work effort — determining how best to configure the application to your company’s needs and migrating legacy data into the new CRM system.  There are two general approaches to data migration.

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Data Migration and CRM Requirements Definition

CRM Requirements Definition and Data MigrationLegacy data can sometimes be very messy.  Spending the time to analyze legacy data allows companies to understand the results of a wide variety of users having logged customer interactions within a legacy CRM system over the course of many years.

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