Microsoft CRM Browser Compatibility

With a variety of available Web browsers, questions often surface about Microsoft CRM browser compatibility.  Some of these questions come from Windows users and some come from Mac users. We’ll address each of these two operating systems in turn and also suggest several workarounds.

Windows Users and Microsoft CRM Browser Compatibility

For Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 users, the easiest way to access Microsoft CRM is via Internet Explorer, as it is the officially supported browser.  Currently supported versions of IE are 6 (with SP1), 7, 8 and 9. For Windows users who prefer to use Google Chrome, there’s a Chrome extension called IE tab.  For Windows users whose preferred browser is Firefox, IE Tab V2 is available from the same developers.  These extensions allow for running Internet Explorer and therefore Microsoft CRM as tabs within the respective browsers:

Using Firefox as Microsoft CRM Browser with IE Tab 2

Mac Users and Microsoft CRM Browser Compatibility

For Mac users, there is not an option to add an Internet Explorer plugin to Firefox, Chrome or Safari.  This is because, in order for an Internet Explorer plugin to work within one of these browsers, Internet Explorer must run natively on the operating system — and Internet Explorer does not run natively on Mac OS X. Currently, the best option for Mac users is to purchase either VMWare Fusion or Parallels as well as a Windows license.  With a virtual Windows machine running under either of these virtualization options, a Mac user will have access to a compatible Microsoft CRM browser – one of the supported IE versions.

Microsoft CRM Browser in VMWare Fusion

It’s worth noting that a slimmed down Microsoft CRM browser interface is available via Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This works with any HTML 4.0 compatible browser.  Here’s Mobile Express running on a Mac under Safari.  This is also the available browser interface for iPhone or iPad.

Microsoft CRM Mobile Express on Mac Safari

Microsoft is aware of the fact that native support for browsers other than Internet Explorer is needed and has plans to add multi-browser support. Microsoft CRM multi-browser support is planned for Q4 2012.

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