CRM Vendor Marketshare vs. Social Media Metrics

How Social Is Your CRM VendorFollowing our U.S. CRM Market Share 2013 survey and blog post, we started wondering what other comparisons could be made with the data we collected.

Given the constant media attention paid to social media, and its rising importance to CRM vendors, we decided to see how market share numbers stacked up to social media numbers.

Using the data we gathered for our survey, along with numbers pulled from vendors’ social media pages, we compared metrics to see if there was any correlation between a strong social media presence and higher market share.


Most CRM vendors have a presence on a variety of social media channels. The most popular of these are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn. We visited each CRM vendor’s social media pages and noted the number of likes, followers, tweets, and subscribers listed on those pages. We then divided each vendor’s respective social media number against the total number (of tweets, likes, etc) in each category to derive a percentage of the total.

We recognize that these numbers change on an almost minute-by-minute basis, the data used was collected on January 2nd, 2014 at approximately 8:30am PST:

CRM Vendor Social Media Data


Facebook is still one of the most popular social media channels out there. With more than a billion people active on Facebook, it can be an extremely powerful (and free) marketing tool. Here’s how the CRM vendors from our market share survey ranked in comparison of total Facebook “likes.”

CRM Market Share vs Facebook Likes



With its short-message format, Twitter is the perfect social media channel for making brief announcements to customers and prospects. With the use of hashtags, companies can make their products and content easily searchable for Twitter users. Anyone looking for quick updates about their favorite companies will often turn to Twitter. Here’s how the CRM vendors stacked up in comparison to Twitter followers.

CRM Market Share vs Twitter Followers


The flip side of the short-message format is that you generally need to be sending out more frequent updates. A 500-word blog post may satiate customers for a few days, but 140 characters may only last a few hours. Take a look at how the CRM vendors ranked in relation to the number of “tweets” they’ve sent out.

CRM Market Share vs Twitter Tweets


Sometimes, you just can’t get your point across using the written word. Other times, you just want to present information in a different format. YouTube allows businesses to upload videos to present information on everything from new products, sales forecasts, or just pure entertainment. The more subscribers a business has, the more popular their videos tend to be. Here’s the breakdown of YouTube subscribers versus market share.

CRM Market Share vs YouTube Subscribers


Largely recognized as the social media channel for professional networking, LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular with companies who want to reach those same professionals. Using LinkedIn “connections,” business professionals can quickly grow their network exponentially. Below, you’ll find how the different CRM vendors stack up when compared with LinkedIn followers.

CRM Market Share vs LinkedIn Followers

The Results

As you can see, though there are some notable exceptions, companies with a robust social media presence seem to gravitate toward the top of the list and those with a smaller presence move around closer to the bottom.

Whether businesses with a robust social media presence are more successful, or whether more successful businesses build a more robust social media presence, is open to debate. However, there is almost no downside to having a strong social media presence, and so much to be gained. Any business looking for new ways to engage existing and prospective clients should consider some or all of the social media channels we’ve covered here.

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