CRM Poll Results: What’s The Primary CRM System at Your Organization?

Since the beginning of 2016, we’ve been running a non-scientific CRM poll in which we ask the question, “What is the primary CRM system that’s in use at your organization?”.

We decided to name six CRM brands in the poll and then include an “Other” selection, which allows for typing in a free-form response. We also added “Spreadsheets” and “Homegrown” as named options.

What surprised us was that “Spreadsheets” is the third most common primary CRM system among respondents.

Google Forms, which is used for the poll, includes free-form responses in the same column as structured responses in the destination Google Sheet, from which we embedded the pivot table chart below. That’s why after Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Spreadsheets and Sugar CRM there are several thin slices.

The following is a live results chart of the top 15 responses, embedded from a Google Sheets pivot table chart. New poll responses will automatically update the chart, so the size of slices will change over time. This is an interactive chart, so you can hover over the slices for more information.

He are the raw results. You can scroll down to see them all.

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