Sales EnablementAt one time, “content” was a word that was used almost exclusively in the media industry.

As the growth of online search made content marketing an increasingly popular strategy, “content” became a common word within marketing departments across most industries.

More recently, the concept of content has extended into sales departments.

Salespeople can make much more effective use of their time by properly leveraging available content. Salespeople, of course, are not paid to create content — but the ability for them to easily find and disseminate content is a key enabling factor for their sales success.

As one component of relationship building during the sales process, the more relevant and personalized a salesperson’s communication is with their leads and prospects, the more likely the salesperson is to build credibility and trust — and ultimately earn new business. Relevance can be tied to a number of factors, including industry, job role, opportunity stage and other criteria.

Here are some examples of sales enablement through easier access to content:

1. Giving a prospect immediate online access to a relevant slide show during a phone call.

2. Following up a conversation by sending a link to a blog post that directly addresses some of the questions brought up by a prospect during the conversation.

3. Sending a link to a case study for an organization in a prospect’s industry after the prospect asked about experience in their vertical.

4. Triggering a drip email campaign based on a prospect’s stage in the buying cycle.

A growing CRM cottage industry is that of sales enablement technology – automatically surfacing relevant content to salespeople at the right time. Companies like WittyParrot and KnowledgeTree offer platforms that enable salespeople to be able to disseminate “targeted and approved” content to their prospects and customers.

As marketers generate an increasing amount of content, it’s more important than ever to find ways for content to enable salespeople to save time and increase their win rates.

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