What Does a CRM Vendor’s YouTube Channel Say About The Vendor?

CRM Vendors' YouTube ChannelsVideo is a highly influential marketing and educational medium for business. YouTube, the world’s leading video site and the second largest search engine after parent Google’s search engine, can be used to inform prospects and customers, provide training and engage audiences in a variety of ways.

Over five years ago, David Meerman Scott advanced the idea that marketers should think like publishers. Several CRM vendors have become strong content publishers.

However, even within the confines of the CRM industry, different vendors adopt markedly different YouTube publishing strategies.

Let’s take a look at several of the major CRM vendors and review the breadth and depth of the YouTube presence for each vendor.

YouTube Channels For CRM’s Big Four

The big four CRM vendors are listed in descending order based on the rankings from our 2013 U.S. CRM market share survey.


Salesforce YouTube Channel Link
Approximate Number of Subscribers – 28,000
Approximate Number of Views – 1.46 million

Salesforce.com’s YouTube channel takes the concept thinking like a publisher to a very high level — to the point that salesforce.com has the appearance of being its own media company.

Salesforce.com’s YouTube channel has eight playlists. Playlist content includes brief product overviews, customer stories, new features, help & training and webinars. Video content is all from salesforce.com’s own channels. The company does not source any of its playlists with content from third party channels.

It’s also worth noting that salesforce.com’s videos are very consistent in structure and they incorporate high production values.

While the Salesforce channel’s views are about three times that of its closest competitors, its number of subscribers is ten times higher. This indicates that salesforce.com has an active strategy to gain new subscribers.

Marc Benioff, the CEO of salesforce.com, is an active social media participant. He personally promotes new salesforce.com videos on his various social media profiles.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics YouTube Channel Link
Approximate Number of Subscribers – 2,700
Approximate Number of Views – 468,000

Microsoft’s YouTube strategy is to have a single channel that covers all four of its Dynamics products. Each product has its own playlist within the Dynamics YouTube channel.

Microsoft Dynamic’s YouTube channel has separate playlists for CRM, AX, GP and NAV. The playlists for the ERP products are all screencast videos that highlight different features and functionality.

The playlist for CRM is a combination of customer stories and instructional screencasts. Note that Microsoft sources all of its CRM screencast video content from its partners.

The Microsoft Dynamics YouTube channel also has a playlist that’s dedicated to customer stories. There’s a playlist of marketing videos that covers the overall Dynamics brand.

Oracle CRM

Oracle CRM YouTube Channel Link
Approximate Number of Subscribers – 1,000
Approximate Number of Views – 164,000

Of the big four CRM vendors, Oracle has the fewest subscribers and the fewest number of views on its CRM channel.

As of the date of this post, Oracle CRM had not switched over to the new, YouTube One Channel design, although this design will be mandatory as of June 5, 2013.


SAP CRM YouTube Channel Link
Approximate Number of Subscribers – 2,400
Approximate Number of Views – 500,000

SAP blends a lot of different types of content into its main “Uploaded videos” playlist. SAP’s CRM channel has six total playlists, including ones for community, customer & product, partners and fun.

SAP CRM and Microsoft Dynamics are very close to one another in terms of number of subscribers and number of views.

As with Oracle, SAP had not transitioned its CRM channel to the YouTube One Channel design as of the date of this post.

Other CRM Vendors’ Channels

Here are links to the YouTube channels of some other, well known CRM vendors:

Sage CRM YouTube Channel

SugarCRM YouTube Channel

SwiftPage YouTube Channel

NetSuite YouTube Channel

Nimble YouTube Channel

The YouTube presence of each CRM vendor speaks to multiple aspects of the company including: the extent of the vendor’s media resources; the vendor’s commitment to social media; the vendor’s branding strategies; the vendor’s product blends; and a lot more.

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