GoldMine Data Conversion QuestionsIf you are planning to migrate your company’s GoldMine® data into a CRM system, there are a number of questions that you can ask yourself as you start to plan a data migration.  Coming up with answers to these questions can make your GoldMine data conversion a much easier experience.

Here’s a list of the more common questions that might be asked when an organization is planning to convert data.

  1. Approximately how many Contact records do we have in GoldMine?
  2. Do we have one record per company and are using Secondary Contacts in GoldMine, or do we have a separate record for each contact at a company — or a combination of both?
  3. Do we need History migrated? If so, approximately how many History records do we have in our GoldMine database?
  4. Do we want to migrate all History records will we have a cutoff date? (it often makes sense to exclude History records that are more than a few years old)
  5. Do we want our normal e-mail correspondence on the History tab migrated?
  6. Do we want to filter out specific types of History records during conversion, such as mail merges or mass emails?
  7. Do we need Notes migrated?
  8. Do we need Calendar Activities (from the Pending tab) migrated?  (unless there are a large number of scheduled activities, it’s often not worth the time and effort to migrate these)
  9. Do we need user-defined and/or custom fields migrated? If so, approximately how many user-defined and/or custom fields do we have in our GoldMine database?
  10. Are there any fields that we aren’t using and that therefore should not be migrated?
  11. Do we have any large Lookup lists that should be changed into a link to a related table in a CRM system? (it often makes sense to change a large Lookup list into a lookup on a related table or object in a CRM system)
  12. Do we need any data normalized from a series of flat, duplicated fields into a Related List in a CRM system? (a major benefit to a CRM system is that it has a relational structure)
  13. Do we want to redefine the way in which we use any of the existing fields? (are there free form text fields that should become pick lists or lookups?)
  14. Do we need forecasted sales or opportunities migrated?
  15. Do we need Attachments migrated?  If so, are all of our attachments in a single, shared folder — or are they in a variety of local and network folders?
  16. Do we need to replicate any integration with other systems in the new CRM system?
  17. How many active users do we have in GoldMine?
  18. Will all these users be licensed users in CRM?
  19. How many inactive users do we have in GoldMine for which we want to preserve Contact and/or History association in a CRM system?

Considering questions like these — up front — can help your organization get on a path toward a successful GoldMine data conversion.

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