Is There Too Much Starch In Your B2B Digital Marketing?

Starchy B2B Digital MarketingLet’s face it – most B2B digital marketing is stiff and boring.

Maybe it’s a fear of crossing a perceived fine line between being entertaining and being unprofessional.

It could be because marketers think that something has to be laugh-out-loud funny in order for it to be humorous. After all, how can we compete with professional comedy?

Whatever the reasons, the tendency is for marketers to err on the side of being starchy.

Kathy Klotz-Guest, a stand-up comic and a marketer, wrote a book called Stop Boring Me!: How to Create Kick-Ass Marketing Content, Products and Ideas Through the Power of Improv.

According to Ms. Klotz-Guest, “There is too little meaningful content today awash in a sea of ineffective content chasing an already oversaturated customer.” She provides a prescription for how to insert creativity, humanity and fun into marketing.

Overcoming Dullness

There’s a classic Monty Python skit in which the character played by Michael Palin, complains how “dull, dull, dull” chartered accountancy is to John Cleese’s character, a vocational guidance counsellor.

Despite the ostensible starchiness of the profession, a real world accountant has managed to get a lot of attention with his vlog, that includes a video titled “The Top 10 Reasons Accountants Are Cooler Than You Think.” While his videos are hardly in the same comedy league as a Monty Python skit, the videos are working from a marketing perspective.

There’s more than one way to take the starch out of your B2B digital marketing. Here are some other examples of B2B digital marketers injecting entertainment value into their content.

Adding Levity to Investment Analytics

How can you possibly make financial analytics software fun? One way is by creating industry-specific film image memes.

A company called Finmason has a regular Friday blog post called FinFilm Fridays. Each Friday, a new internet meme is generated from a popular movie still. Here’s an alternate version of what the Cole Sear character in the Sixth Sense “sees”.

Finmason Sixth Sense Internet Meme

The FinFilm Fridays meme images are posted to Finmason’s social media accounts. The beauty of this approach is that even though the images require ongoing creative thinking, they are very easy to produce.

CRM Implementation Services Hilarity

QuantaCRM is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner. They used their own staff as actors in a parody of “as seen on TV” and pulled it off. The video won’t make you roll on the ground in laughter. However, it’s a lot more attention grabbing than your average CRM services company’s content.

Corporate Teleconference Fail Funniness

Tripp Crosby & Tyler Stanton create videos for their clients that poke fun at common workplace scenarios. This video is professional level comedy.

Leg Cramp Prevention Humor

Even though it’s in violation of this post’s keyword “B2B digital marketing”, I do need to make mention of former CRM industry guy Patrick Sullivan Jr.’s B2C company.

Somehow, Jigsaw Health has made time-release magnesium supplements highly entertaining.

Patrick, his wife Ashley, Jigsaw staff, friends and family star in regularly produced #FunnyFriday videos.

The latest from Jigsaw Health is their own version of “The Office”, called “The Jigsaw Office”:

Jigsaw Health is worth following on Facebook, even if you don’t suffer from leg cramps.

These are just a few examples of companies that have de-starched their B2B digital marketing. No matter what your budget, there is an opportunity to get a little more creative and fun with at least part of your digital marketing.

It’s okay to crumple up a few of those shirts and throw them in heap on the floor.

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