Two More CRM Vendors Select Their Marketing Automation Dance Partners

CRM Marketing Automation Dance Partners

It’s not a big surprise to industry observers that most of the major CRM and marketing automation vendors would pair up at some point. With two recent partnership announcements, there remains only one noticeable holdout.

Infor CRM and Marketo

Last week, Infor (which owns what was formerly branded “SalesLogix”) announced a partnership with Marketo. This likely means an abrupt end to the informal partnership that Infor had with SalesFUSION.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe

This week, Microsoft announced a partnership with Adobe. Adobe is renaming their marketing software suite “Experience Cloud”. It’s anyone’s guess as to where that leaves ClickDimensions.

In the case of the Infor and Microsoft partnerships, the name of the game, appropriately enough, appears to be the marketing clout of their new dance partners.

From an industry insider’s perspective, Microsoft/Marketo seems like it would have been a better go-to-market partnership. However, there were obviously other reasons for the respective pairings.

Oracle and Eloqua

In 2012 Oracle purchased Eloqua for $871 million. A year later, Oracle paid $1.5 billion for the email marketing software maker Responsys.

Salesforce and Pardot

In 2013, Salesforce bought ExactTarget for $2.5 billion. ExactTarget had already bought Pardot, a market automation system. Salesforce ended up with a two-for-one deal.

HubSpot and Well, HubSpot

In the meantime, HubSpot developed its own CRM system, which it offers to customers for free. HubSpot took themselves out of the CRM vendor partnership running by design.

SugarCRM and ?

SugarCRM has not made any major marketing automation partnership announcements.

However, SugarCRM does have an integration with Act-On, a marketing automation application that is perennially clustered in the G2 Crowd Leaders quadrant alongside Marketo, Pardot and HubSpot.

Maybe we’ll see another partnership press release in the near future.

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