Independent Technology Advisors

Why Independence Matters

  • We don’t represent any CRM vendors, so all options are open. Together, we’ll find the perfect fit for you.

  • We don’t accept commissions from CRM vendors, ensuring our advice is always in your best interest.

  • We don’t perform implementations, which means we have no hidden agendas—just pure, unbiased guidance.

Our name says it all.

Businesses understand the marketplace is constantly changing. Competition is global and fierce. Companies must switch if they want to compete.

Switch from mass communications to engagement that’s targeted and efficient.
Switch from guessing what customers want to knowing it with data-backed precision.
Switch from an organization where sales and marketing are fragmented, to one where they work together.

The CRM Switch Story

In 2010, Steve Chipman and Daryn Reif founded CRM Switch after decades of combined experience with business strategy, innovative marketing, process improvement, and technology implementation. Both are skilled and gifted leaders who have held executive management positions in sales, marketing, operations, and technology.
They saw an opportunity for a consulting firm focused on an emerging need: helping companies better utilize technology to sell more products and services, to more customers, more often. As uniquely qualified management advisors, their background was ideal for creating such a firm.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CRM Switch services a wide range of clients — from startups to multibillion dollar corporations. Regardless of the size or industry, CRM Switch helps companies increase sales and grow their customer base by better leveraging CRM software and inbound marketing technologies. 

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Meet the Leadership

Daryn Reif

Managing Partner

Daryn Reif has held leadership roles in a wide range of industries: from manufacturing and software to fashion and telecommunications. Daryn’s specialty is helping companies leverage technology to sell more products/services to more customers more often.
Whether it’s been acting as CEO, President, or Vice President of Sales & Marketing–for the likes of Fortis Telecom, Willitts Designs, and Corona Consulting Group–his creative problem solving and inspirational leadership has consistently resulted in growth. My goals are simple…”delight our clients, have fun doing it and make some money along the way.”
As a management consultant with 25 years’ experience, he has been fortunate enough to make a living doing what he loves: repairing, building, and growing businesses.

Steve Chipman

Content Marketing & SEO Consultant

Steve has been working with a variety of CRM technologies since 1999. Over a 20 year period, Steve has acted as a CRM business analyst on hundreds of projects.

As marketing automation technologies emerged, Steve immersed himself in these tools and their related disciplines, including: content marketing, SEO, conversion rate optimization, and sales & marketing alignment.

In 2013, Steve shifted his focus and developed a CRM and Content Marketing consulting practice with Daryn Reif. Today, Steve is the primary author of the blog, which has been ranked a top 10 CRM blog by CRM Buyer. He is also the co-host of the five star rated podcast, CRM Talk.