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CRM Switch has a unique and proven process for discovering the best-fit CRM for your particular business and company culture.

And unlike a lot of other consultants, we don’t receive payment from any of the CRM software companies — meaning our advice is completely vendor-neutral.

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Vendor-neutral CRM consulting services

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How CRM technology can transform your business.

Whether its lead capture or demand generation, improved customer engagement or client retention, when done right CRM technology can be transformative. Listen to Daryn Reif, co-founder and CRM Practice Leader, talk about real world examples.

Even when you understand the underlying problem, the solution may not always be clear. Sometimes the solution lies in using your current CRM system more effectively, other times it requires replacing it altogether. 

We offer a range of CRM consulting services, from strategy and requirements definition to vendor selection and change management. Our advice is vendor-independent.