CRM Project Management

“Projects are like cars, they won’t run by themselves except downhill.”

And in our experience, that adage is spot-on when it comes to CRM implementations.

Successful implementations often depend on the capabilities of a senior CRM Project Lead

The selected vendor or their integration partner is happy to help you with the technical “stand up” of the system and facilitate integrations, but what they won’t do is to lead the digital transformation of your organization.

You’ll want a CRM Project Lead who can:

CRM Switch has has successfully navigated these waters before

As you probably guessed, it’s extremely hard to find such a person. Most companies simply don’t have someone that’s qualified for the position, nor do they know where to find one. Their workaround is usually to ask a busy manager to add the CRM Implementation to their plate — putting the entire project at risk from the very beginning.
CRM Switch offers a cost-effective solution. On a short-term basis, Senior CRM Implementation Lead who has successfully navigated these waters before. They’ll work with your internal project point person to assist and mentor them through the implementation phase to ensure your project gets off the ground on time and on budget.

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