Strategy and Planning

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 
A CRM initiative involves a significant amount of time, money, and risk, so it’s crucial to have a solid plan.

What is a CRM Strategy?

CRM Strategy is one of the foundational elements of a CRM evaluation. Strategy is sometimes confused with tactics. Learn about the difference here.

Technology takes a back seat. Where do you want to go and how will we get there?

Before recommending anything, we’ll help you secure internal alignment and a shared vision of the future state. With a firm grasp on current people, processes and systems we can begin to sculpt effective CRM Strategy. This critical stage in the process will give everyone a better picture of what success ultimately looks like.

The resulting CRM Strategy will guide a wide range of decisions including:

  • Requirements
  • Integration Costs
  • Roll out Planning
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

…and much more.

How do we help you develop the right CRM strategy for your business?

Interviews and workshops to flesh out your hopes, dreams and concerns for your business and any known blockers.
Together, we’ll explore topics like these and fill in the blanks:
  • Today we are not able to         
  • The CRM system would be perfect if it         
  • We need a CRM system to integrate with our other systems, such as        
  • It’d be much easier to grow our business if we had the ability to        
  • I wish our CRM system gave us more visibility into the following metrics        
  • I’d worry a lot less if we could automate        

…and much more.

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