Why You Want an Independent Technology Advisor

You know your company needs a technology facelift, but choosing the right software for your business feels like navigating a maze. 

With a multitude of options available, the guidance of a technology consultant becomes invaluable. However, not all consultants are created equal.

Independent CRM Advisor

This blog post explores the significance of independent technology consultants and why their impartiality is crucial for businesses seeking the best-fit technology solutions for their digital transformation initiatives.

What Exactly is an Independent Technology Consultant?

An independent technology consultant provides expert advice on technology solutions without being tied to any particular vendor. Think of them as advisors to your management team who have no ulterior motives other than finding what’s best for you.

They don’t push any particular product because they’re not in anyone’s pocket. Their primary objective is understanding your business needs and recommending the best possible solutions, regardless of the vendor.

The Problem with Bias in Technology Consulting

Many technology consultants have strong biases toward specific vendors. This bias often stems from significant investments in time and money in learning those technologies and hiring staff with expertise in those areas.

Unsurprisingly, their recommendations often land on the same short list of vendors.

Vendor bias can also arise from financial incentives. Consultants who accept commissions from vendors may have a conflict of interest, as their advice could be skewed towards solutions that benefit them financially rather than what is best for the client. 

🔥 Remember, the real consulting money is in the implementation. So, consultants who also perform implementations might have hidden agendas, pushing solutions that align with their implementation capabilities rather than the client’s needs.

The Value of Independence in Technology Consulting

The actual value of independent technology consultants lies in their neutrality. This ensures they work for you only with your best interest in mind.

Starting from a neutral position allows these consultants to focus purely on your business needs without any predisposition toward a particular solution. Here’s why independence matters:

Neutral Position

Independent consultants have no affiliations with any specific vendors. Their recommendations are based purely on what will best meet your company’s requirements.

They operate unencumbered by vendor relationships and will freely share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly about any of the solutions being considered. 

Unbiased Guidance

Independent consultants provide impartial advice free from financial incentives from vendors. Their sole focus is finding the solution that truly fits your business, ensuring the advice is always in your best interest.

They are typically heavily reliant on client referrals (not vendor referrals), so ensuring their clients end up with the best solutions is how their business grows.

The Breadth of Options

Independence means considering all available CRM solutions. Independent consultants can evaluate various options without vendor constraints, increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect fit for your company.

This means they will scour the market to find the best-fit solutions for you based on your particular requirements.

Why Independence Matters

Unrestricted Choices

Independent consultants can explore various CRM options, such as CRMs oriented to your specific industry. This unrestricted approach ensures that all potential solutions are considered, not just those that align with a particular vendor.

Client’s Best Interest

Independent consultants do not accept commissions from CRM vendors, ensuring their advice is always in the client’s best interest. Their recommendations are driven by your needs, not by financial gain.

No Hidden Agendas

Since independent consultants do not perform implementations, no hidden agendas exist. Their guidance is pure and unbiased, focused solely on helping you make the best decision for your business.


Enterprise technology impacts many areas of your business. It’s a critical decision and must be done right the first time. Having an independent technology consultant on your side can make all the difference.

Independent consultants can make the best possible recommendations for your business by starting from a neutral position, providing unbiased guidance, and considering a wide range of options. 

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Daryn Reif

Co-founder and Managing Partner at CRM Switch

CRM Switch Co-founder & Managing Partner

Daryn is a seasoned expert in CRM consulting with years of experience helping businesses find the right technology solutions. As part of the CRM Switch team, Daryn Reif is dedicated to providing unbiased, independent advice to ensure clients’ success.


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