GoldMine to Salesforce Data Conversion

CRM Switch’s trusted partner provides GoldMine to Salesforce data conversion services. Importing data is often a complicated process. Our partner will make your data migration experience much smoother, so you can focus on your core business rather than dealing with the details of data conversion.

Our partner has a set of established best practices for migrating data from GoldMine to Salesforce and aligning the data properly with the Salesforce CRM database structure. This will ensure that Account/Contact relationships are set up correctly in Salesforce and that History comes across properly. In addition, flat data can be normalized to take advantage of Salesforce’s multi-object structure.

Instead of using automated data migration tools, which can be rigid in design, data migrations are handcrafted. This means flexibility to solve any migration challenge.

Many clients want to migrate the history of email communications from GoldMine into Salesforce. There are no off-the-shelf tools for migrating email, so this has to be done as a service.

GoldMine Version 5 and higher are supported.

Customization Services for GoldMine to Salesforce Migrations

CRM Switch’s partner also provides Salesforce customization and integration services. Often, a CRM system such as Salesforce needs to be customized to accommodate legacy data fields.

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