Salesforce Email Template for Sharing a OneMob Microsite

To create an email template in Salesforce for sharing OneMob microsites, use HTML similar to the sample below the screenshot.

Sample HTML

This references two custom fields in a custom Microsite object.

<html style="overflow-y: hidden;">
<body style="height: auto; min-height: auto;">Hi {{{Recipient.FirstName}}},<br />
<br />
Per our conversation, please take a look at this microsite: <a href="{{{Microsite__c.Microsite_URL__c}}}">{{{Microsite__c.Name}}}</a><br />
<br />
<a href="{{{Microsite__c.Microsite_URL__c}}}" rel="noreferrer"><img alt="thumbnail" src="{{{Microsite__c.Thumbnail_URL__c}}}" width="400" /></a><br />
<br />
To schedule a meeting with me to discuss further, click the button below.</body>