CRM And Big Data

CRM And Big DataA recent IDG study predicts that enterprises will spend about $8M on big data in 2014, while 70% of enterprise organizations have already or are planning to deploy big data related initiatives.

The big promise of big data is a move toward data-driven decision making. By integrating big data into a CRM solution, companies can predict customer behavior, improve customer service, and calculate ROI more accurately.

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CRM And The Internet Of Things

CRM And The Internet Of ThingsPicture this: you’re driving home from the office and an alert pops up on the dashboard of your car, letting you know that your tire pressure is low, prompting you to stop by the gas station for air.

Before you make it home, your refrigerator sends you a message, reminding you to go to the grocery store for milk

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2 Things to Consider Before Buying CRM Licenses

2 Things to Consider Before Buying CRM LicensesAccording to research and advisory firm Gartner, Customer Relationship Management is a $20.6 billion industry, predicted to grow to $36 billion by 2017. Clearly, organizations are spending a great deal on CRM systems as they continue to appreciate its contributions to both customer acquisition and retention, as well as its implications in the big data movement.

However, Gartner has also reported that, as many as 42% of CRM user licenses bought are never used

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