Data Migration

One of the biggest hurdles when switching CRM systems is migrating your data.

Avoid system downtime, data fixes, and other common problems.

A successful migration usually requires more than the simple point-and-click tools that are probably in your legacy system. That’s because certain data fields are not stored consistently between the various CRM databases, so they need to be transformed before they’re imported.

We can recommend data conversion companies to help you sort that out so that your legacy data matches the new system. The migration process will transform “flat” data into a structured format — leading to easier maintenance and more meaningful reporting.

Do it once. Do it right.

Whether you’re migrating data from Salesforce to HubSpot, GoldMine to Salesforce, or The Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce NPSP, we can recommend consultants that ensure that the entire process goes smoothly and deployment happens on schedule.

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