CRM Leads – How to Get More of Them

Will additional CRM leads be a natural byproduct of a new CRM system?  Switching to a new CRM system can do many positive things for your company, such as reducing costs, increasing sales effectiveness, and improving customer service.

Generating CRM Leads

However, can a CRM system, in and of itself, produce additional CRM leads for your sales team to follow up with?

The short answer is “no.”  Most new CRM leads must come from your company’s marketing efforts. However, the good news is that the B2B marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years and it’s a lot easier for a company of any size to generate more CRM leads.

CRM Leads and Web-to-Lead Forms

Just because a new CRM system will let you easily generate Web to Lead code that you can paste into the “Contact Us” page on your Website does not mean that you will magically start getting many more CRM leads when you switch to the new CRM system. A “Contact Us” page is only an effective CRM lead generation strategy when you have something so compelling or revolutionary that people are lining up to be contacted about it.

For most companies, getting more CRM leads begins with attracting more visitors to your Website with appropriate content strategies. Once you attract those visitors, you need to convert them to CRM leads by offering value.

The best education on getting more visitors and converting these visitors to CRM leads can be found at HubSpot. HubSpot would, of course, love for you to sign up for their service — but even if you don’t sign up for their platform, their free, educational resources are an unparalleled resource.

From Site Visitors to CRM Leads

With appropriate content and conversion strategies in place, you’ll be able to generate more CRM leads. Then, it’s just a matter of determining the right technology or blend of technologies for feeding those leads into your CRM system and quickly getting new leads into the hands of your salespeople.

This technology could be the CRM vendor’s Web to Lead form code. It could be a WordPress plugin. Or, it could be a platform such as HubSpot’s that feeds in CRM leads via your CRM system’s API. No matter what the technology, the opportunity has never been better for your company’s marketers to feed quality CRM leads into your system.

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