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Bringing CRM and Marketing Automation Together

Bringing CRM and Marketing Automation Together

Marketing automation and CRM are two different systems with the same underlying purpose. They’re both designed to increase sales by improving your ability to communicate with customers and potential customers. With this shared purpose in mind, it may surprise some people to find that these systems have historically been entirely separate.

The New Kids On The Block

With so many big name vendors dominating the news, it would be understandable to wonder, “is there any room left for new CRM startups?” With industry giants like Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, and others in the game, how would a new company even get off the ground?

5 Marketing Features You Want in Your CRM System

Many people recognize CRM as an essential tool for salespeople. However, CRM is increasingly being integrated across all departments within an enterprise. One of the key focuses of this increased integration is on marketing departments. Nearly every generation of CRM development now introduces expanded options for using CRM to improve and inform marketing efforts.

Chatter vs. Yammer: Social Network Showdown

There was a time when social networks were viewed as idle diversions. They provided a place to chat with friends, reconnect with old classmates, and post pictures. Now, businesses have realized that there is a wealth of productivity to be leveraged using the social networking model.

Infor Buys Saleslogix CRM

On Thursday, August 14th 2014, Swiftpage announced that the entirety of its Saleslogix CRM assets would be sold to Infor, a US-based enterprise software vendor. Saleslogix CRM will be renamed “Infor CRM”, and will continue to be developed under its new ownership. Infor has announced that they will retain 100 Swiftpage employees dedicated to Saleslogix …

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Marketing Automation And User Satisfaction

Enterprise marketing automation software is becoming increasingly popular and for many has become a crucial component of their enterprise toolkit. With its ability to create, manage, and evaluate content delivery, a comprehensive marketing automation solution is becoming as crucial a business tool as CRM.

The Pros And Cons Of Open-Source CRM

Open-source is a software development philosophy in which source code is made freely and openly available to the general public. Any interested party can download the code, modify it to their heart’s content, use it how they see fit and, if they wish, distribute their modified version for others to use.

CRM And Quickbooks Integration

For two decades, QuickBooks has been the dominant accounting software for small and mid-size businesses. Since it requires no formal accounting training to use, and offers numerous industry specific versions, its popularity is no surprise. Within the small business accounting market, QuickBooks captures nearly ninety percent.