14 CRM Review Sites For You To Review in 2024

We have compiled a list of CRM review sites for people considering a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software investment in 2024.

In today’s reviews-driven marketplace, the starting point for many is to look for a CRM review site.

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The proliferation of business technology vendors has spawned a cottage industry of business software review websites. According to one of the sites covered below, enterprise technology will exceed $2 trillion annually.

Sites Covered

Some software review sites have hundreds of categories. Categories range from bakery software to heat map software to live chat software.

Specific categories of business software lend themselves to relatively quick buying decisions. SEO software is an example. The options are generally inexpensive. Subscriptions are month to month. Switching from one vendor to another is easy.

On the other hand, for mid-size and enterprise companies, CRM is usually a relatively high long-term investment. CRM involves a longer decision-making process than, say, survey software.

CRM Review Sites & Software Selection

Each CRM review site includes a different grouping of vendors in their Top 10 or 20 listings. For this reason, it’s a good idea to cross-reference review sites.

For organizations with more complex business process automation needs, factoring the organization’s essential CRM requirements is an integral part of establishing a CRM software shortlist and making a final vendor decision.

Since CRM is a more significant and long-term investment than many other software categories, we recommend that mid-size and enterprise organizations follow a structured buying process to make the best financial decision.

Of course, a comprehensive CRM review site is not sustainable without a revenue model. For most review sites, that model is to pass a visitor’s contact information along to one or more CRM vendors. These sites are an effective marketing channel for many vendors.


Gartner acquired Capterra in September 2015.

Capterra lists over 1800 products in its CRM category.

To distill this extensive list down to a manageable number, Capterra ranks the 20 most popular CRM software vendors using Market Score, which is based 40% on the number of customers, 40% on the number of users, and 20% on a social score that includes both Capterra reviews and the number of social media followers.

Zoho is the leader in the total number of users, with 20 million. This may be in part due to the company’s freemium model. Most other top vendors do not have a free level of service.

Capterra is transparent about its revenue model. CRM vendors pay Capterra when they receive web traffic and sales opportunities. According to Capterra, they list all vendors — not just those that pay them — so visitors can make the best-informed purchase decision possible.

Software Advice

Like Capterra, Software Advice is a Gartner acquisition. The acquisition was announced in March 2014.

For CRM, Software Advice offers a Find the Best CRM Software page. The quadrant is “Powered By Gartner Methodology”. Gartner is well known for its Magic Quadrant.

Visitors to the site can request a quote or a demo. Software Advice also provides the option for visitors to submit reviews.


FindMyCRM helps buyers find the best CRM software for their business.

FindMyCRM provides services across the customer lifecycle as a CRM consultancy and implementation agency.

From education to selection to CRM deployment, they deliver results that benefit the buyer and the bottom line. Consumers can educate themselves using the site’s library of online resources, including blog articles, white papers, e-books, presentations, and CRM directories with detailed and professional overviews for 100 CRM systems.

The CRM finder tool is also available as a free resource. FindMyCRM’s expert team has distilled over 20 years of experience into a quick questionnaire. After answering a few questions, users receive a shortlist of CRM vendors that match their business goals. If you are unsure what CRM to choose, try the free CRM Comparison Tool.

Fit Small Business

Fit Small Business was founded in 2013 as a digital resource for small businesses.

In addition to having an expert team of writers with real-world business experience, Fit Small Business conducts extensive research to assist small business owners with making informed decisions. The buyer’s guides, “how-to” explainers, and product reviews fill in the gaps on what business owners need to know.

Developing high-quality CRM Software reviews is a huge focus of Fit Small Business’s product reviews section. CRM reviews help small business owners make educated purchases that play an essential role in the functionality of their businesses.

Fit Small Business’s CRM reviews include recommended software providers, detailed pricing information, key software features to consider, and impactful questions to ask before finalizing a CRM product purchase.


SelectHub opened for business in March 2013.

The company says, “We’re working hard to dramatically improve technology evaluations and onboarding for both buyers and vendors. With SelectHub, your work is easier — no matter which side of the deal you’re on.”

SelectHub lists over 200 CRM vendors in its Customer Relationship Management category. For each listed vendor, a price quote can be requested, or a demo can be scheduled.

SelectHub shows a partial Leaderboard on the same page. Requesting the full Leaderboard will trigger a call from SelectHub.

SelectHub’s model is to refer visitors who submit a form to several best-fit CRM vendors based on the results of a high-level requirements gathering call. The call is free of charge to the visitor. As with many CRM selection websites, SelectHub makes its money through referrals.

G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd was founded to take the subjectivity out of software selection. End-users rate CRM systems.

As a result, G2 Crowd’s CRM category page gets a lot of organic search traffic.

When both Satisfaction and Market Presence are factored in, G2 Crowd perennially shows Salesforce and HubSpot as leaders in the G2 Grid® for CRM.

For listed CRM vendors, depending on the company’s business relationship with a vendor, G2 Grid variously displays calls to action to Contact Now, Learn More, or Try for Free.

PC Magazine

Not surprisingly, PC Magazine takes the most journalistic approach to covering CRM software options.

In addition to showing a comparative table listing based on what the reviewers consider the top 10 vendors, PC Magazine includes an extensive narrative on evaluating CRM options and what to look for as a CRM buyer.

PC Magazine’s list of the ten best CRM software vendors does not include Microsoft Dynamics 365, which SoftwareAdvice shows as the fourth most popular CRM software.

PC Magazine’s revenue model is to provide a tracked link to a vendor site when the “See It” call to action button is clicked.

TEC (Technology Evaluation Centers)

TEC has been operating for 25 years, helping businesses choose the right software to support their operations and growth. In that capacity, CRM is a significant focus.

In addition to an extensive directory of solutions, TEC also houses large amounts of feature data that can be used to define requirements and analyze them against each CRM solution’s capabilities with complete side-by-side comparison charts and an advanced decision support tool.

This is supported by CRM-focused whitepapers, reports, and other helpful research assets to keep readers informed.

TEC also has a consulting division for a personal touch in the software selection process. Their selection services team has steered hundreds of past projects and is the most surefire way to know that the right CRM software has been selected.

At CRM Switch, we also help with enterprise CRM selection. Here are some of our CRM selection customer reviews.


TechnologyAdvice’s CRM category covers over 150 CRM vendors.

The page presents several questions for visitors in the market for CRM software. Vendor recommendations are sent based on the answers to those questions.


SoftwareSuggest has an extensive CRM category. Each listed vendor item has call-to-action buttons, including Visit Website, Get Quote, or Free Demo.


Like PC Magazine, FinancesOnline takes a journalistic approach to CRM reviews. There is an extensive narrative review for each of the 12 Most Popular CRM systems listed on the site.


This is a relative newcomer to CRM review sites. This site has a Top 15 Comparison page.

The site features ten CRM sponsors. It provides a “top ten” CRM software comparison chart and notes what each top ten is best at.

Business News Daily

This site rates over a dozen CRM vendors.

Ahrefs.com estimates this CRM page gets over seven thousand monthly organic search visitors. The site ranks #1 in Google search for keywords such as “Best CRM” and “Top CRM.”


GoodFirms lists almost 400 software vendors on their CRM page.

The default sort is sponsored vendors, but a dropdown list allows visitors to sort by ‘Most Reviews’ and ‘Highest Rated.’

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