Selection Steps
CRM Selection: Seven Proven Steps

As many Customer Relationship Management software vendors have upped their game, CRM selection has become more complex over the last several years. The playing field is more level than ever. While healthy competition ultimately benefits

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CRM License Cost
How Much Does CRM Software Cost?

Trying to determine CRM license pricing for your business can be a daunting task. In a perfect world, every vendor would list their prices with a per-user breakdown. It isn’t a perfect world; not all

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CRM Requirements Session
CRM Requirements Example Document

Starting a CRM (customer relationship management) requirements document from a blank slate is complicated. While every business is different, the following set of example CRM requirements, based on a fictional kiosk manufacturer, provides a framework

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CRM Calculator
CRM Cost Calculator

Use this CRM cost calculator to estimate your organization’s total CRM investment over the number of years you specify. The total cost of CRM is more than just the CRM subscription fees. We have considered

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