Businessman reviewing CRM vendor list
CRM Vendor Directory

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) landscape is expansive, with vendors offering different flavors of this popular type of business software. The global Customer Relationship Management market was valued at $64.41 billion in 2022. This means

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CRM Market Share
U.S. CRM Market Share

According to Statista, the 2021 CRM market revenue share in the U.S. was as follows: Vendor Market Share (%) Salesforce 23.8 SAP 5.1 Microsoft 5 Oracle 4.9 Adobe 4.8 SugarCRM 2 HubSpot 1.8 Zoho CRM

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Small Business CRM Roundup
Small Business CRM Vendor Roundup

Selecting a small business CRM is about understanding the drivers of successful customer and prospect relationships. A sales team that relies on face-to-face meetings will have different CRM requirements than employees of an e-commerce startup.

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Google Trends - CRM
Google Trends and CRM Vendors

In a previous post, we wrote about interest in marketing automation vendors, based on Google brand searches over the course of 2015. Not surprisingly, we discovered that the search term “hubspot” registers as having the

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The New Kids On The Block

With so many big name vendors dominating the news, it would be understandable to wonder, “is there any room left for new CRM startups?” With industry giants like Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, and others in the

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CRM and Wearable Technology

If anyone still had any doubts about the potential of the wearable market, the introduction of the Apple Watch should serve to remove them. By some estimates, the wearable market is currently growing at ten

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CRM And Big Data

A recent IDG study predicts that enterprises will spend about $8M on big data in 2014, while 70% of enterprise organizations have already or are planning to deploy big data related initiatives. The big promise

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A Brief History Of GoldMine

Since the mid-1980s, CRM software has undergone an incredible evolutionary process. From a basic contact management platform, equivalent to a digital Rolodex, it has transformed into a robust system for managing all customer-facing business processes.

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A Brief History Of SugarCRM

Over the past decade, SugarCRM has gone from an open source project to one of the most popular CRM vendors in the world. That growing popularity has provided SugarCRM with sixteen consecutive quarters of revenue

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