Tips From The Pros: 3 Helpful SlideShare Presentations From CRM Industry Vendors

Tips From The Pros: 3 Helpful SlidShare Presentations From CRM Industry VendorsWhile we continually strive to provide useful, engaging, and insightful information about CRM, sometimes it’s good to go straight to the source.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of three great SlideShare presentations from some of the top vendors in the CRM industry to provide some useful tips and best practices for your business.

While CRM can have an impact on many different aspects of an organization, we’ve focused on some of the core fundamentals that CRM software is made to help with: marketing, sales, and customer service.


As marketing strategy shifts from an outbound approach to an inbound one, Marketo has a great presentation on one of the most crucial components of any business’s inbound marketing efforts: the blog.

While blogging is sort of old news and doesn’t get the kind of attention that social media does these days, there’s simply no denying it’s ability to attract traffic and convert visitors to leads.


As one of the CRM industry’s leading vendors and most prominent advocates, it’s no surprise that salesforce.com has some useful insights into what it takes to be a successful salesperson in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

At the end of the day, all the software and automation in the world is a moot point if a salesperson can’t create a meaningful relationship with their prospects. Salesforce.com has some useful tips.

[slideshare id=28816623&doc=salesadvice-131202141651-phpapp01]

Customer Service

While sales and marketing get a lot of the praise and spotlight, it’s usually customer service that keeps the wheels on the cart spinning and the whole operation upright.

Without great customer service, all those big accounts that marketing attracted and sales closed evaporate and leave for a more attentive competitor.

Zendesk, one of the big names names in customer service that has not yet been swallowed by a large CRM software vendor, has a great infographic highlighting the impacts of good vs bad customer service experiences.

[slideshare id=24665222&doc=customerservicelifetimevalue-130726164239-phpapp02]

Fountains Of Knowledge

Yes, the presentations above were created by vendors of products that would like to sell their software and services. However, that doesn’t mean that the content they’ve provided isn’t relevant or worthwhile. Just the opposite: all these vendors have a vested interest in seeing a businesses succeed, especially the ones that are current customers and potential prospects.

Marketing, sales, and customer service are the absolute cornerstones of a successful enterprise, and the information these vendors provide come from masters of their respective crafts. Putting together a comprehensive business strategy, and implementing a solid CRM solution to execute it, is a challenging proposition for any size organization.

It never hurts to get a little advice from the pros, and with the massive volume of content being created every day, you don’t have to look very hard anymore to find it.

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