Infor Buys Saleslogix CRMOn Thursday, August 14th 2014, Swiftpage announced that the entirety of its Saleslogix CRM assets would be sold to Infor, a US-based enterprise software vendor. Saleslogix CRM will be renamed “Infor CRM”, and will continue to be developed under its new ownership. Infor has announced that they will retain 100 Swiftpage employees dedicated to Saleslogix development.

Following this sale, Swiftpage plans to focus development efforts on Act!, their remaining CRM offering. Infor, in turn, will use their resources to position Saleslogix as a leading global product. Financial details of the purchase were not disclosed, and the transaction is expected to be finalized in a matter of weeks.

This should be good news for users of Act! and Saleslogix, as well as customers of Infor. Both CRM systems will now enjoy individual development attention from their vendors, and Infor will have a quality CRM offering to add to its suite of products.


Founded by CRM guru Pat Sullivan, Saleslogix was first released in 1997. Saleslogix was sold to Sage Group in 2001, before being sold again to Swiftpage in 2013. In our 2013 Market Share Survey, Saleslogix posted an impressive 5th place with 4.3% of the vote. It is a popular CRM solution that should benefit from individual development attention.


Infor is a private company, currently based out of New York, New York. They offer a wide variety of enterprise software solutions, including business intelligence, asset management, ERP, and CRM software. With nearly $3 billion in annual growth, and five quarters of double-digit license growth, Infor is well positioned to grow Saleslogix.

A Bright Future

Act! and Saleslogix are both popular CRM products. They have shown positive growth and development while under the care of Swiftpage. Now, it seems, the time has come for them to part ways. Swiftpage wants to focus its efforts on Act!, and Infor wants to focus on Saleslogix. This change should be to the all-around benefit of current and future users.

With individual attention and development, both Act! and Saleslogix should enjoy accelerated development cycles and better market positioning. Swiftpage believes that Saleslogix has reached its practical limits as part of their offerings. By selling the product to Infor, those limits should be removed, and we should expect to see rapid growth from Saleslogix as Infor CRM.

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