Our Most Popular CRM Content of 2016

2016 CRM ContentCRM Switch is not a media company or a product review site. We are a CRM and marketing technology planning and strategy company. However, because of ongoing CRM content development efforts, we had over 200,000 visitors to our blog in 2016.

Several years ago, I took marketing thought leader David Meerman Scott’s “think like a publisher” advice to heart and started writing about CRM topics on this blog.

One interesting thing about the level of readership of a given blog post — it’s never what you expect. You can write a well-optimized, well-researched post about a topic that comes up a lot in conversation. But the post can fall flat in terms of pageviews.

You can write about something that seems like very obvious information to you, as someone who’s inside an industry. Yet the post is gobbled up by visitors.

Here’s a commentary on our most popular CRM content of 2016. The comments include speculation as to what made them popular.

1. CRM and ERP: What’s The Difference?

Views: 46k

This has been our most popular post by a wide margin since it was first published in 2013. Clearly, CRM and ERP are two acronyms that are tossed around a lot, but a lot of people don’t know exactly what they respectively mean. As the two technologies continue to converge, the terms CRM and ERP are increasingly used in the same sentence.

2. What Does CRM Actually Cost?

Views: 15k

As with most software, CRM licensing used to be mainly a one time cost, with a recurring annual maintenance and support fee. Now it’s a recurring subscription cost, which means that most organizations are paying the same amount month after month, year after year. This post needs to be updated from time to time, as CRM prices are constantly changing and CRM brand names can change.

3. Five Levels of CRM Requirements

Views: 13.5k

Based on data from conversions on this page, this post is read by a lot of business analysts. The BA might be someone who has developed requirements in another area and who is now tasked with developing business requirements for CRM. This is also our highest converting post, as the CTA at the bottom is closely aligned with the blog’s content.

4. A Brief History of Customer Relationship Management

Views: 12.5k

Very few people have time to read history books (even ones with “brief history” in the title). Therefore the dual brevity of a brief history and a blog post seems to have appeal. This post is due for an update. It will get a refresh in 2017.

5. 15 Important Advances in Business Technology

Views: 12k

While CRM (especially Salesforce) popularized the cloud software model, many other software categories followed suit. That’s what inspired this post about a variety of software-enabled technological advances.

6. What Is A CRM Administrator, And Does My Business Need One?

Views: 9k

A CRM system needs some level of administration, even if it’s just adding new users and removing old ones. Some CRM implementations, especially larger ones, require a full-time administrator. This is a long term cost that’s not often factored into CRM pricing calculations. (As often happens, the act of writing a sentence just triggered an idea for the topic of my next blog post. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to get notified.)

7. Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 – An Evolutionary Tale

Views: 9k

One day, I realized that what differentiates one CRM system from another is not because of a one-time decision. In some cases, there are a whole series of factors that unfold over time. Salesforce vs. Microsoft seemed like a particularly interesting comparison, as one product was the flagship product of a company born in the cloud and the other was a cloud product from a company born in the installed desktop software world.

8. CRM Campaigns vs. Marketing Automation Campaigns

Views: 6k

The word “campaign” is near and dear to most marketers. However, the technological definition of “campaign” by various CRM and marketing automation vendors is all over the map. The idea behind this post was to shed some light on how the idea of a marketing campaign manifests itself within various applications.

9. CRM And Quickbooks Integration

Views: 5.5k

“QuickBooks integration” is a term that’s near and dear to many small business owners. Because of the tremendous popularity of QuickBooks, integration with CRM comes up frequently as a general requirement. This post addresses some of the specific integration touchpoints offered by various CRM vendors.

10. 6 Examples Of How To Use CRM Dashboards

Views: 5k

CRM dashboards are a very popular conceptual topic, but people are often looking for some specific examples as to how to use dashboards. This post provides a few ideas.

Credit: the idea and format for a review of our most popular 2016 CRM content was lifted from Dave Gerhardt at Drift. Dave doesn’t seem to mind being lifted from.

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