CRM Cost CalculatorUse this CRM cost calculator to estimate your organization’s total CRM investment over the number of years you specify.

The total cost of CRM is more than just the CRM subscription fees. We have taken multiple levels of expense into consideration.

The fields contain default values. You can input/select your own values.

If you do not plan to subscribe to any add-on products you can set that cost to 0 or blank.

This will vary depending up on which CRM you select. See what popular CRM vendors charge here.
Many organizations subcribe to add-on products. Learn more about add-on products here.
The estimated per user cost of professional services for CRM implementation. In mid-sized companies and enterprises, it's not uncommon for this to be at least $1,000 per user.
The estimated per user cost for ongoing CRM modifications after the first year.
All CRM systems involve some level of ongoing administration. If you plan to have a full time administrator, this should be 100%.
According to, the median salary for a CRM administrator is $85,000. You can change the salary.

Remember that the per-user cost of implementing CRM can vary widely depending on how customized the solution is.

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