CRM Data Validation
8 Examples of CRM Data Validation Rules

Data validation is a process for ensuring that database entries are both meaningful and correct. In other words, data validation helps prevent wrong information from being entered into a database, including a CRM system database.

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CRM At The Point Of Sale

Often, CRM is discussed in the context of direct marketing, e-commerce, and B2B sales. In these situations, salespeople are generally at a desk or working from a mobile device with CRM data readily accessible. It’s

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How Does Facebook Fit In CRM?

On the surface, Facebook & CRM are aimed at opposite groups: people connecting with friends vs. salespeople managing opportunities. However, CRM is built on the premise that the more data you have about your customers,

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3 Examples Of Workflow In CRM

Your enterprise CRM system has a lot of features designed to streamline your business processes — some of which you may not have explored yet. Workflow automation is one of the more popular features, as

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Customer Service
Elevating Customer Service with CRM Technology

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology has become a requirement for quality customer service in today’s fast-paced digital environment. By deploying CRM solutions, businesses unlock the potential to meet and exceed customer expectations, ensuring satisfaction and

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CRM Partner Portal
CRM Partner Portal Options

CRM partner portal solutions help companies to better communicate and collaborate with their partners. One common use case for a CRM partner portal is to allow for partners to register leads and to update leads that

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Integrated CRM Email Marketing Options

Email marketing continues to be an important activity for most businesses. With email marketing, businesses can attract new customers and develop new business opportunities with existing customers. Here are some email marketing solutions that are

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CRM Customer Portal Options

CRM software helps employees stay organized, facilitates improved communications with customers and allows for better customer service. But what if customers have issues after office hours? A major feature of a customer portal is to

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